WCE001 Unfunny Fritz thinks about conquering America's Got Talent

Worst Comic Ever – Episode 1

Host Unfunny Fritz starts with explaining the concept of this brand new podcast Worst Comic Ever:

  1. The content can be explicit – if you get easily offended, please don’t listen – you have been warned!
  2. The first section contains some original material of Unfunny Fritz, the second part contains random jokes being told.
  3. The length of each episode is 5 to 10 minutes (normally).
  4. If you want your (least) favorite joke been told by Unfunny Fritz on the show, please rate the Worst Comic Ever Podcast on iTunes and leave that joke in the comments.
  5. If you want to be able to select the upcoming subjects from the original material, then sign up to the newsletter and wait for the polls.

The original material contains Unfunny Fritz’s hope of performing on America’s Got Talent, all kind of issues why Unfunny Fritz hasn’t and how AGT is connected to his partner.

The topic for the jokes was “Jokes about Podcasters”.

Jokes being told in this episode:
What did the podcaster say to their audience?
– Is anybody out there?
What is the difference between a podcaster and a savings bond?
– One will mature
Who is a podcaster’s best and only friend?
-Mike (mic)
If a Podcaster falls in the woods, will someone finally listen to them?
How many podcasters does it take to change a lightbulb?
– None. They’re too busy making an hour long show about how the bulb is out
While at church, the priest starts to throw holy water using the aspergillum (no idea what this is or how to pronounce it, that’s why you hear a pause and then SOMETHING in the recording).
The podcaster stands up and says “Hey! I can do that every week on my show with my microphone!”
The priest says “Yeah, but I have an audience to hit..”
What do you call a Podcaster with an audience of one?
– Successful
Fritz asks his Facebook friends for an iTunes review. A friend goes “Where’s your podcast?” Fritz goes “iTunes. DUH!..”
If it takes 1,000 Monkeys to write Shakespeare, does it just take one to make a good podcast?
What do you get when you mix a podcast and Viagra?
– A four hour Podcast

Jokes were taken from this website: http://howtorecordpodcasts.com/podcast-jokes-laugh/

This episode was sponsored by Panda & Penguin Production. Please check out their website and then have a good laugh.

Panda & Penguin Production

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