WCE002 Unfunny Fritz meets democratic dictators

The American Way of Life

Host Unfunny Fritz starts with saying sorry to his bad timing and other hickups in the first podcast of Worst Comic Ever, but doesn’t really promise any real improvement. What a Jackass.

In his original material Unfunny Fritz gives you some bad parenting advice involving the book How to Rule the World: A Handbook for the Aspiring Dictator by André de Guillaume (Amazon) and then shows with numbers that president-elect Donald Trump is more like a dictator than a democratically elected leader – with German Chancellor Angela Merkel is even more a dictator than Donald Trump if you use the same measurement.

The topic for the jokes was again “Jokes about Podcasters”.

Jokes being told in this episode:
What’s the quickest way to a podcasters heart?
– an iTunes review
Wife walks in and says “I want sex now”
“But honey! I have to do my podcast. I have to keep on a regular schedule if I want to get more listeners”
“Oh dear, your podcast is like the sex we have. Only the first 10 seconds are good for me. The rest is just all you…”
A podcaster walks into a drug store and says “I need condoms”.
Pharmacist says “You got a fun night planned with your significant other?”
Podcaster turns and says “No. I was told I needed something to protect my microphone…”
A podcast is like a bank account. You talk it up but it’s still at nothing
Did you hear about the man who had a successful podacast?
– Neither did I.
Did you see the podcast with the iTunes review?
– It was just an iTunes database error.
Why do sponsors pay podcasters?
– Wait – Sponsors pay podcasters?
Podcaster asks his shrink “Why do I podcast”?
Shrink says “Because you want to live in a fantasy world…”
Podcaster wants to spice up his love life. He tells his wife he wants to do a three-some. The wife is intrigued. She says “With who?” Podcaster says “Mike”…
How are podcasters and fishermen alike
– They both lie about how big theirs is
What does a Podcaster say as a pickup line?
– My show is hard and lasts 60 minutes…

Jokes were taken from this website: http://howtorecordpodcasts.com/podcast-jokes-laugh/

This episode was sponsored (again) by Panda & Penguin Production. Please check out their website at http://www.panda-penguin-production.com and continue laughing.

Panda & Penguin Production

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