Getting American Airlines status with just a short email

Normally all my flights are with Star Alliance, but sometimes, like two upcoming business trips within the USA this month, I have to fly with Non-Star Alliance airlines. As long as it is not Delta, it is fine with me, but having to stand in line while checking in or not being able to select the economy seats with more legroom online doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

So, after spending a lot of hours in several discussion forums to learn more about finding a shortcut for elite status, I just signed up for the American Airlines frequent flyer program and wrote them a heartbreaking story and asking them to match my Star Alliance status.

One week later I received an answer – not quite what I was hoping for, but better than nothing. They don’t accept a status from a Non – US airline, so my Star Alliance Gold was no use, but they would be more than happy to match my Star Alliance Silver status with United (I only credited to them to have access to their Economy Plus seats), I just have to send them a copy of my card.

Two days later my American Airlines account was updated to GOLD and I was able to get exit row seats on all my flights 🙂

Now I just have to hope that I don’t have to fly internationally with any OneWorld airline in economy, since AA Gold doesn’t allow you to enter the lounge. But I take a free Gold status over not having a status anytime 🙂

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