Founding our own company – Part 3: Dealing with the tax office

Until now the hardest part in the whole process was filling out the papers regarding the founding of a corporate enterprise the tax office sent us. While many things were very straight forward and we could answer within seconds, others took a lot longer, with a lot of discussion and changing going on. While the tax office in Strausberg only sent us a paper version, you could thankfully also access the document online to fill out (and then print).

corporate income tax
How much corporate income tax will we probably pay in the next two years?

We have to admit that we were struggling a little with predicting the amount of corporate income tax we will have to pay this year and next year. And then we couldn’t decide if Panda and Penguin are employees of the company and have to be reported as such or not 😉

estimated sales
Estimated sales in the next two years???

Similar difficult was the question regarding the estimated sales in the next two years. The numbers in the form, that you can see, look awesome, but probably a little bit unrealistic – so we had to adjust that slightly before filling the papers ;-)))

tax office 1
Dropping off the papers

After we finalized the papers we could finally go to the tax office to drop off our papers just in time before the filling deadline approached.

Tax office 2
the envelope was really heavy – so many papers

It appears as if the tax office wasn’t too upset with our submission, since we haven’t received any follow-up questionaire, only got our German tax number assigned 😉

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