Founding our own company – Part 4: waiting for the district court

Sometimes it is tough. Everything is ready to go, but you can’t really start working, because we have to wait for the district court in Frankfurt (Oder) to finally send us a bill – after we settle that bill the district court will register our company with the commercial registry and we can finally say that our company is named Panda & Penguin Production UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)!

Currently we always check the official webpage of the commercial registry to see / hope if we can find any information concerning our company, but nothing for the first three weeks of waiting ;-(

But finally today (20th of august) we can more or less celebrate 🙂

Excerpt from the commercial registry

A few days later the official court letter arrived with the details of our company as well as a warning concerning fake bills that will arrive shortly – more about that later.

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