Flappy Penguin – getting hacked to beat the highscore

We were quite excited when we finally released our first app Flappy Penguin this year. Our biggest surprise was that the iOS Version of the game got hacked a few days later and incredible scores where posted on GameCenter.

A screenshot of GameCenter leaderboard (1/2)

We have to admit, we screwed up the first release for iOS a little, because the score postings were not working as it was suppossed to be. The app saves the Highscore within the app and if you set a new Highscore then that value will be transmitted to Apple GameCenter. But some idiot in our office made a crucial mistake while setting up the leaderboard in iTunesConnect for GameCenter. By clicking on the wrong button GameCenter thought that the lowest score is the best score, so every Highscore yopu achieved did not matter, only your first ever achieved score bigger than 0 was published in GameCenter.

A screenshot of GameCenter leaderboard (2/2)

So if the game did not get hacked, we have no idea how so many people could score these numbers in their very first try of playing 😉

But until now we have no idea what they achieved by doing this – we thought it was rather funny and we can say that we got hacked :-))

[appbox googleplay com.PandaPenguinProduction.FlappyPenguin]
[appbox appstore 912481344]

And, of course, the leaderboard issue was fixed in an early update, so if you download our game now you do not have to worry about your score not being posted properly.

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