A little peek on our desktop

Like we mentioned before, we upgraded our hardware to improve the work process. On the Macbook Pro that we used before (and still have to use to compile the iOS versions of the applications, since Apple doesn’t want the Windows users to create apps for their system) it was quite hard with a 13 inch display. Every time you had to shuffle around the windows and it got a little bit annoying over the time.

a quick look on our desktop

Since the MacBook was too old to work properly with the 4K display we just decided that it was finally a really valid reason to upgrade 🙂 Now we can have everything we need open at the same time and use without having to push the windows around.

If you are wondering what we are using (and why):

  • Corona Labs SDK for most programming and displaying (write one code, compile it for Android and iOS)
  • Notepad++ for the code editing
  • ANDY, an Android simulator to test the application in a real-time environment
  • Firefox browser (not shown) to search for help if something is not working as it should (so used like all the time)

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